Dishwasher Repair

Diagnostic Charge £40* (Integrated £50)
We will let you know what the problem is and the cost of repair or replacing the parts. At this stage you can see if it is worth repairing the dishwasher, or simply more economic to replace with a new dishwasher (which we can also supply you with).

Labour / Repair Charge £30* (Integrated £40)
Once the diagnostics has shown the fault you may ask us to repair the dishwasher at a single charge of just £30, plus cost of any parts if required.

New Machine Fitted & Disposal of Old Machine £70* (Integrated £80)
If you have had a new dishwasher delivered that requires installation, we can help. Many suppliers will not install dishwashers due to time involved and technical knowledge required beyond that of the delivery driver. Most dishwashers require tools to remove shipping bolts that prevents damage to the machine in transit. The dishwasher will not work until all packaging removed and shipping bolts removed. Damage can be caused if not removed fully, you will find confirmation of this in the instructions and normally on stickers on the machine. We will also within this price dispose of your old machine, again something many suppliers will not do as the old machine can be in the way of accessing the next delivery item etc.

User Supplied Parts Fitting £65* (Integrated £75)
We can even fit parts that you supply. Some manufacturers will only offer a limited guarantee of parts only, charging for labour, this kind of guarantee can be very misleading. allowing manufactures to overcharge labour to cover the cost of the fitting parts. Any user-supplied parts are excluded from our normal warranty; any issues of non-working parts should be taken up with the original supplier of the parts.

*An integrated (built-in, not free-standing) dishwasher incurs a surcharge of £10 to cover the additional work required to access the dishwasher.